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Having few options left, Tsunade decides that the ship must be destroyed before Iwa is forced to intervene. She has Ino Yamanaka tell Kakashi to do what he can but also warn him of her decision. She leads the assembled available Konoha ninja to the Blood Prison Saunas Maduras - Porno be on hand in case the worst should happen. Kakashi ultimately crashes the Tobishachimaru just outside the Blood Prison, thus averting an incident with Iwa.

However, several passengers died during the hijacking and the entire incident has been an embarrassment to Konoha. Tsunade is outraged by these developments and orders Kahy, the highest-ranking hijacker to survive, taken into custody.

Kakashi intervenes, asking that he Pornografía en serio Breve historia de la pornografía allowed to pass sentence on Kahy instead. Tsunade allows it on the condition that Kakashi make it his first act as Sixth Hokage, which he agrees to. After the war, Tsunade studies the material that the White Zetsus are made of, and from her research is able to create prosthetic arms for Naruto and Sasuke, though Sasuke declines his.

Main article: The Last: Naruto the Movie Two years after the Fourth Shinobi World War, Tsunade oversees the evacuation of the Land of Fire's citizens to a fallout shelter to escape the crashing Moon. Naruto ultimately prevents the disaster, the announcement of which Tsunade happily listens to. Main article: Sakura Azumi Videos XXX porno Thoughts of Love, Riding Upon a Spring Breeze Tsunade meets Sakura for drinks, partly to congratulate her for her recent work with the Konoha Hospital, but also to try to convince Sakura to take it easy, as she's been working harder than she needs to.

Sakura changes the subject to Pornografía en serio Breve historia de la pornografía how to gain men's attention. When Tsunade can't offer her any specific advice, Sakura asks that Tsunade bet against her love life, hoping for Tsunade's bad luck to play in her favour.

Sakura later meets with Tsunade for drinks again, where she shares rumours that someone with Sasuke Uchiha's appearance and chakra signature is conspiring against Konoha.

The appearance is easily faked, but the chakra signature has Sakura stumped; she asks Tsunade if it would be possible to reproduce someone's chakra signature by gathering large amounts of skin and hair that naturally fall off. Tsunade deems the idea plausible. Sakura is reassured and Tsunade tells her she's happy to Pornografía en serio Breve historia de la pornografía, but she reminds Sakura that she's retired and that she should try to figure things out for herself. Main article: Konoha Hiden: The Perfect Day for a Wedding Tsunade attends Naruto's marriage to Hinata Hyga. - 2018 ©